Border Wars – Deportation Down

Posted: February 26, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Obambam’s new policy of stopping deportation so he can secure the latino vote is pathetic. Chicago politics never cease to amaze me. The deportations may be down, but the importations, (is that a word), seem to be doing just fine.

 At 3 million per mile to build a fence you would think they could design a fence that… you know… you can’t climb. Whoever came up with the design for this must not have been clued into what the fence was for.  I can see the conversation now.

Homeland Security: Let’s build a fence!

Design Contractor: OK, how high, how long, and what are you using it for?

Homeland Security: Kinda high but not to high, it is gonna cover a few miles but I don’t know yet, depends on costs, union contractors ya know. Our new fence should be designed as a deterrent, ominous looking, we are just trying to scare people and show the public that we are serious.

Design Contractor: Electric, deep pilings, surface that can’t be climbed?

Homeland Security: Are you crazy! We don’t want anybody to get electrocuted, or have a tunnel collapse on the poor souls, and if the surface can’t be climbed, they may use structures or ladders to get over and a fall could injure them. No just build a basic fence, like you would want between you and your neighbors ugly house. High enough to not see across but you can still peek over.

Design Contractor: OK, how is this?       Homeland Security: Perfect!!












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