My Case For Romney

Posted: March 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

I have been a Romney guy since his run in 2008. I know many of you see him as an out of touch robot that speaks in canned statements, (which he does), but can you really blame the guy. All it takes is one slip and his GOP rivals and the MSM will attack. So of course many of his responses seem well rehearsed and bullet point lines. But let’s look at a few things that the other candidates do or don’t do that compares to Romney.

1. How can you run for POTUS and not be on the ballots in your home state as Santorum and Gengrich have allowed to happen. Who would you rather have as President,  an organized man and a campaign that does its job, or someone who is not organized enough to allow your name not to be on the ballot in any state? What does that say about how they would run the country?

2. Would you want a President that at any moment could say or do something that would embarrass the United States, or someone who makes sure of what he says and has researched whatever topic may be brought up? I am not talking about political correctness, I mean stuff like stating a speech by JFK wanted to make him “throw up”, or building a space camp on the moon….ya know whadda I mean?

3. How about morals and integrity? Romney has been vetted, twice, and nothing has come up that would lead anyone to question his morals or integrity, I guess you could say the same thing about Santorum, other than his voting record. Newt’s infidelities have been well documented and there is no need for discussion here. But his time in D.C. has been filled with character issues and un-ethical behavior. What more could come up?

4. This is the biggie. Do you want the same old Washington hustle that Newt, Rick, and Ron represent, or do you want a savvy business man who knows how to fix a spreadsheet that the others can’t even read?






Maybe this will help:

When your daughter is lost in Manhattan, overdosed on ecstasy, where do you turn? While the NYPD and other run-of-the-mill solutions are probably a safe first choice, I suggest another option – Mitt Romney. Sure, Mitt Romney doesn’t wield an M9 or wear a sleek uniform, as far as I know, but he has proven himself again and again at handling crisis situations. Perhaps by the end of this column, you’ll be nominating him to handle our country’s current crisis situation.

According to NewsMax Magazine, a bastion of respected journalism, Romney handled such a crisis in 1996 when the 14-year-old daughter of his business partner went missing in New York City. Romney sprang into action assembling a crack team of more than 20 of his employees and friends from Bain Capital, his multibillion dollar venture firm, to find the girl. While the girl was perhaps saved only hours from death thanks to Romney’s quick thinking and vast resources, what’s more impressive is that this story is a concentrated example of the types of wonders that Romney has been working throughout his life.

He may not be the media darling that Obama is, but Romney leads with a type of modest confidence that has been lacking from the White House for many years.

Romney’s efforts in the campaign could be fruitful for America. Even if he isn’t the perfect choice for conservatives or isn’t progressive enough for moderates, for Republicans, Romney brings with him the cure to Obama – practical experience.

2007 article:


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