Obama Admin Blocks Texas Voter ID Laws…Says It Descriminates Aginst Hispanics

Posted: March 12, 2012 in Uncategorized
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So the Department of Justice has blocked Texas voter ID laws. What happened to states being able to run their own state? The problem is Eric Holder is Obama’s bitch, hispanics can’t vote without showing proof of identification therefore they would not be able to vote for Obama, and that my friends is unacceptable to the Obama administration. So you send your little ankle biter Holder in to stop all voter ID laws. It is the most transparent attempt by the Obama camp to make sure he gets the votes of people who may or may not be legal to vote in this country, or people who are living off the government and would like for that to continue.

I have to show ID for damn near everything. That is what responsible Americans do. To be legal to drive you need a driver’s license, you need to show said license when stopped by police, using a credit card, renting a car, getting a plane ticket, a passport, or applying for a job. That is the few that come to mind, I am sure there are many more. So how come that small, easy to get, piece of plastic identification is so hard for some to get? Maybe they are not the people we want voting.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Justice Department’s civil rights division has objected to the new photo ID requirement for voters in Texas, saying many Hispanic voters lack state-issued identification.

The department says the state has failed to show that the newly enacted law has neither a discriminatory purpose nor effect.

In a letter to Texas officials, the Justice Department says Hispanic voters in Texas are as much as 120 percent more likely than non-Hispanic voters to lack a driver’s license or personal state-issued photo ID.

No shit Sherlock. Emphasis mine.

  1. hmm- Ever hear of the Voters Right Act? The law echoing the rights guaranteed by the 15th Ammendment. The law George W Bush extended for another 25 years?

    And it is not just hispanics, but blacks, the poor, college age people, people in cities with access to public transportation, and the elderly that frequently do not have ID, and have no need in their life for ID. And of course all of these groups other then the elderly vote ovrwhelmingly democratic. And who did Texas exempt from their illegal and uncostitutional law? the one group affected that is more likely to vote republican- the elderly.

    • SRG says:

      Appreciate the comment. My point being that a state ID or a drivers license is a part of everyday life. The elderly, in my humble opinion, are probably more responsible than you give them credit for. The majority of them that I know, have the proper identification.

      • Well, I once spent over a year without ID after having my wallet stolen. I lived 3K miles and 3 timezones away from my birthplace, and it took me months to be able to get a copy of my birth cerificate. Then I ran into problems because I had been born at home and had a certificate of live birth and not a birth certificate. Basically I fell down a rabbit hole where I needed ID to get ID…

        When I was in college I had many friends who did not get an ID until they turned 21 (and then only so they could buy alcohol). And I still to this day have friends and family members that live in cities, do not own or drive a car, and to this day have never had a government issued ID- and never neeeded one.

        Driving a car is a privilige- not a right, and a privilege that can be taken away- hence the need to prove we are licensed. Voting is a right, and one of the most sacred ones afforded to us- and no one should have the right taen from them, nor have burdens placed upon them in order to exercise that right.

      • SRG says:

        I still can’t relate to anyone not having some sort of ID. Most college students have student ID’s get into events and get benefits at bookstores and local business. State ID is a photo ID that is not tied to driving. Yes every citizen here legally should have the right to vote, it is their birthright, but there should be some form of identification process proving who they are. If you want to vote, be responsible enough to get some ID. If you don’t have family or friends that can help I AM SURE there is some sort of government department that would be obliged.
        Your argument states that some family and friends that have never had any ID. I don’t know how they get by in society and I am not sure they are worthy of voting.

      • Really? First- college issued ID’s are not government issue ID’s and are not acceptable.

        Second- please explain to me why someone who does not drive and has found absolutely no need for a government issued ID in their life is somehow unworthy to vote? An estimated 10% of americansof voting age have no ID. Neither my father nor my grandfather drive anymore and do not possess a government issued ID. Are they undeserving of voting? My wifes sisters daughter is a 20yo college student- has never driven and due to living in urban areas with public transport has never had the need or interest for driving, or obtaining a license. So she is unworthy of voting?

  2. SRG says:

    You know what…..I would say yes they are undeserving to vote. Someone who wanders through life with no identification therefore has no identity when it comes to matters of government.
    How would they have a bank account? How do they own or even rent a home? Your neice can’t get into college without some sort of photo ID. When basic human needs in life rely on some valid source of identification, then I would question the identity of someone without it.
    I also think your 10% number is extremely high, unless you are considering people here illegally. But even they are smart enough to steal a social security number and get a fake ID.

  3. resultsguy says:

    @drugsandotherthings… how about this. Why not allow all the citizens of the WORLD a vote in American elections. If we’re all human beings, and an individuals “right” to vote (that through your comments you vow so devotedly to protect) belongs to all… following your logic… do boundaries matter at all? There’s 1.8 gazillion muslims that might like to toss in their checkmark – have their say – smoke their hooka and give a thumbs up on who should be our Commander in Chief. What’s more… with a three strand barbed wire fence being the only hurdle to entry along the majority of the border with Mexico for several thousand miles we basically are locking open the back screen door to let them them all in. Then – according to your logic – everyone who chooses to exercise their “right” to vote – could – without being burdened with the undue persecution of having to identify their citizenship… well by Allah-God-Buddah-Sheerah Warrior Princess (pick your Diety) you would have your utopia. Everyone exercising the freedom and (again pick your Diety’s) given right to vote regardless of American Citizenship.

    • resultsguy says:

      As for me personally… I’d simply like to know that actual legal american citizens are the ones casting ballots as our collective voice… unfortunately you gotta show you belong somehow. Dems da rules in Texas… or were before the Feds considered it to their disadvantage. Obama would like to send his congrats Guadalupe Hussein Hazem… you’re free to vote in TX.

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