Feel Good Story Of The Week

Posted: March 12, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Ok, I don’t know if I am getting the story perfect but I will tell it anyway. My wife has a co-worker who visits the Salt Lake Animal shelter frequently to visit the dogs. She also works to try to get the dogs rescued if she can. She told my wife about a particular labrador that had been in the shelter for over 7 months. She was worried that the dog would be put down soon but was out of options. My wife called a friend of hers who is a labrador nut, (I think she trains jumping dogs….ya know… jump for distance into pools), anywho, her friend went up and saw the dog, made some calls, and last week picked the dog up and took her to Las Vegas to a labrador rescue shelter hoping to find a home.

Well she was adopted first day down by the first couple on the list. Everyone happy, especially Mazy.

Update: Apparently, my wifes friend, took two other lab’s from the SLC shelter at the same time and they have found homes! Three dogs saved by word of mouth, fantastic!


Meet Mazy



Click on the image to the left to check out the Las Vegas Labrador Rescue Site. They must be good at what they do.

Also check out the Salt Lake Animal Shelter if you are interested in adopting: http://www.slcoanimalservices.org/

I am sure I completely screwed the story up and my wife will reprimand me accordingly, but you get the gist of it.


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