What Did You Do With Your 40 Bucks?

Posted: March 13, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Remember the Payroll Tax Cut that Obama said would save every hard-working Amercian an extra $40.00 per week?

Remember how Obama said that Republicans did not care about the middle class because they were against the unemployment extension tied to the tax plan?

What did you spend your  $40.00 on this week?

WASHINGTON — A new estimate from congressional economists says the government will run a $1.2 trillion deficit for the budget year ending just a few weeks before Election Day. It would be the fourth straight year of trillion dollar-plus deficits.

The almost $100 billion spike from earlier projections for the fiscal 2012 deficit comes almost exclusively because Congress passed legislation recommended by President Barack Obama to renew a 2 percentage point cut in payroll taxes and jobless benefits for people languishing on unemployment rolls for more than six months.

We are so boned!


  1. Oh really- Tax cuts- especially for the rich are fine and dandy when its for the richest americans, – and oh god no- we can touch the exemptions for those that inherit their wealth without ever lifting a finger- but brimstone and hellfire if we give a tax cut to those of us that actually work for a living and keep america- and the rich, running.

    And lets not talk about how much of the deficit is due to a war in Iraq that was based on outright lies. Or due to the economic collapse caused by failed republican policies.

    Oh- and nice photoshop job there…

    • SRG says:

      Don’t you see the irony? Keep Bush era tax cuts in return for unemployment benefit extension. Obama nailed the Republicans big time and got a deal in December. So he saved us all $40.00 per week. Good, cause we need it for gas prices that have skyrocketed.

      Thanks for the photshop props

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