Cee Lo Green….What A Wonderful Role Model

Posted: March 17, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Very Presidential.

  1. This is an example of my people supporting causes of which they dont understand the magnitude. Cee-Lo is educated enough to understand the level of ettiquete he is supposed to dispaly at a function of such sophistication, yet he relapses into rascality and embarassses those of us who know white people are watching our every nonsensical misadventure. I rather hear Cee-Lo speak at a funciton of such decorum like he did on the first Goodie Mob album when he denounced black people for killing each other over frivolous and perishable merchandise when we should be fighing to take back our spirit and our mind from the oppression of white supremacy. If he would have expressed how he was feeling when he felt compelled to act irrationally, perhaps he could have espoused some intorspective pshchological preoccupatoin would have made for interesting analysis as to why affllicted people vote for those who stem from the same demographical affliction as they.

    • SRG says:

      You would think that he would observe a level of respect considering the event is for the POTUS, unfortunately the powers that be invited this man to the fundraiser, and he showed his true colors. Maybe the Obama campaign commitee will look at different acts in the future that won’t embarass the President and show how far our moral compass has fallen.
      And yes we are watching you.

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