Trayvon to Sharpton – “you’ve been called up to the Show”

Posted: March 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson  have been working out in the off-season… I can see them now, bellies paunched from daily bucketfuls of  Gus’ fried chicken, marching back and forth in their bedrooms, shaking age-spotted fists in the mirror demanding justice for the po’ black folk who are being oppressed in this nation. Clicking through news channels waiting for the call.

They’ve been riding the pine in the minor leagues just waiting to get called back up to the “SHOW”. Have they been to the Show before? Yeah they were in the Show once – some of the greatest days of their lives. You know, you never handle your own picket sign in the show, somebody else carries your hate message on a stick. It was great. You holler at white folks through bullhorns for batting practice, the 3 block stretch leading up to most city halls are like cathedrals, the hotels all have fried catfish, and the women all have short legs and large ‘backsides’.

Credentials – these boys were the PIONEERS of achieving fame without actual merit or accomplishment. Paris Hilton, the Kardashian Klan (easy boys only two ‘K’s’ used there with the word Klan) the cast of Jersey Shore and Flava Flav all have these true legends to thank for becoming famous for not one damn-good reason.

January 21st 2012 in Memphis, TN – at 2am – an innocent black man in his mid-twenties was shot, while sitting in his car listening to the radio absolutely minding his own business.  This is Memphis – home to the Lorraine Motel where Dr. Martin Luther King himself was shot and killed. Home to the Civil Rights Museum. Home to the most famous black event since Cain was born due to the sanitation workers strike.  If there was EVER a theatre for “SHARPSON” (my couples name for Sharpton & Jackson) to take center stage over an innocent black boy being shot THIS IS THE PLACE.

My question is a simple one…

  • Where are they?
  • Why aren’t they here?
  •  Why aren’t they calling for an escalation of civil disobedience on Beale Street?
  • What makes this black boys shooting a non-event for the good Reverends?
  • Why isn’t Jesse busing in his illegitimate kids to help increase the numbers of protestors?
  • Why isn’t Lebron James writing this boys name on his big ass sneakers?
  • Not even ONE Memphis Grizzly player acknowledged this poor black boys plight… hell not even one Harlem Globetrotter phoned in just to see if there’s a headline to grab.

The answer is a simple one…

  • The shooter was black.

What’s the takeaway here?  It is the fact that Sharpton & Jackson and B-Ho Obama himself don’t give a damn about  Trayvon the black boy innocently gunned down… they only care that they called up to the Show and there’s a stage.  Lebron and his hoody’d homies also only care about the spotlight, not the boy.  Thousands of young black males are dying every year, victims to violent crimes, and are lucky if they even get more than a wreath of flowers from a grieving mother on the crack corner where they went down. Nobody gives a damn about them because it is Black-on-Black crime. And the good pseudo Reverends Sharpton & Jackson simply don’t care.  They perpetually wait for someone OTHER than a black man to knock the Race chip off their shoulder.  I say we finally put them to rest and just give those two their 40 acres and a mule they’ve been crying they haven’t received yet… OR better yet just put the equivalent dollar amount on both of their EBT cards.  Maybe just maybe they’ll go away quietly.




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